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Happy New year to everyone! Wish everyone high utilization, nice guests, but also to not loosing fun expending your fleet.

Brandon and the team, thanks for creating the app and building such a community.

A practical question to everyone: could you advise how do you control risks of buying a used car that will be down frequently and will eat on maintenance everything that it earns, especially in the beginning when I want to buy first, second, third car and it doesn't make sense to hire a full time mechanic? Do I need to partner with an auto shop to do a pre-purchase inspection?

Vegas Voyager
Brandon Bartron
Jan 07

Hey, thanks for the reply! Thinking about Ford Escape, but the question is more in general.

So, you don’t sign and don’t give any money before doing inspection, right? Is it a general practice and a seller accepts this?

Any opinion about “Certified” by dealer pre-owned cars? Is it reliable?



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