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After starting 2.5 months ago, finally had time to watch my last video for this Turo Mastermind course and it was on Company KPI's , so excited to start inputting my numbers and tracking performance! I inadvertently saved the best video for last lol 😂 I'm so ready to geek out on my own spreadsheets! I signed up for but this Formula feature requires additional upgrade for  so it was just as easy for me to create my own :) Thank you @Brandon Bartron for taking the time creating such an in depth course going over all these different aspects! Each video is informative and I would highly encourage anyone looking to get started with Turo to purchase this course or even if you are already doing Turo, I am sure you will gain further knowledge and insight learning helpful tips from @Brandon Bartron ! Make it count for the last couple weeks of December! Let's all become ELITE on that island together ! 🏝️👊🏻

Brandon Bartron
Dec 16, 2023

We prefer the airport delivery! It’s part of our routine. We are at the point where we have it so there is practically ZERO cost for parking (on us) which I can explain on our next call how we get around that.



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