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Is it me or did anyone else notice that Turo's trip totals are completely different that the one that we see, the complete Turo take on some of my trips are well in the 55% range...

Vegas Voyager

Basically the guest ends up paying double what your daily rate is … so for my cars that are $30 daily it actually costs the guest about $60 . I’ve communicated with multiple guest to have them advise what their daily or extension daily fees are .

Therefore if someone has a more expensive vehicle and you are charging $50 daily rate , the trip booking is actually costing your guest about $100 daily on average . At that price point , they have many options from the larger national rental agencies . You can price it out with them and see that some of the car rental agencies end up being cheaper for a newer vehicle with “unlimited” miles once you are in that price point .

With the current state of economy and people tightening up their spending , my personal opinion is that people will cut back on what they are willing to pay when renting a vehicle … therefore turning to a more “economy” vehicle .



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