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Here's the exact situation as my prior post - guest says she paid $400 on Turo before adding the drop off at airport ($60 charge) versus where she initially dropped off . For 3 days and my time to have to drive over with my partner tomorrow morning (30 mins + traffic) within 3-4 hours of her 5am drop off time to pick up Fiat from airport (so I can minimize the airport parking fee) just to drive back (another 30+ mins & rush hour time) for me to earn $54 net on delivery and $129 overall on the 90 plan (Turo takes their cut) ... just not worth my time doing "pick up" from airport . I didn't realize that if you have delivery turned on , guest has the option to return it at airport even though that was not where they picked up. Because my daily rates for my cars are already so cheap, adding delivery for my business model isn't a good use of my time . Whether you drive to the airport with a partner or use Uber, that's still using multiple resources and time that's not worth what you net . I would rather be hands off and have my guest pick up and return the car at initial location with no need for contact .

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