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Picked up 2 more units today at the auction - puts me at 12 units in 2.5 months 😀 Got a 2015 Fiat 500 Sport with 57k miles for $5800 & 2014 Mazda 2 Touring with 90k miles for $6800 (with dealer fees). I can rent it out for a gross daily rate of $27 - $30 in today's market and still have a good monthly and annual ROI on a 70% utilization on 90 Turo plan considering I have no loans on any of the cars nor do I need to worry about "silent depreciation" . I'd be a bit worried if I have a $800 car payment + silent depreciation / wear & tear + insurance + wash plan on a new 2022 to 2024 vehicle and renting it for $35-$40/day which is what I'm seeing many hosts charge in Las Vegas - that's crazy . They probably have not done basic math . Even with 70% utilization ($40 * 21 days = $840 gross before Turo's fees depending on the plan you choose) ... you are at a complete loss as you're not even clearing your monthly car payment . Therefore it's important to know your true numbers before making an expensive mistake.

Brandon Bartron
Vegas Voyager
Dec 16, 2023

I’m curious how that Mazda 2 performs. It’s basically a 4 door Yaris. Should be very reliable.



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